Industrial Controllers

Autonics Digital Counters

Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 
We are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Digital Counters, in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. which is known as the basic tool. Procured from Autonics, these are extensively used in automation process of various industries. Designed in compliance with international quality standards, our range of industrial counters and timers offers reliable design, quick replacements, panel space-saving and solutions that offer increased functionality, flexibility, and performance.


  • Repeat accuracy: ±0.3%, ±0.05 sec
  • Setting error: ±0.5%, ±0.05 sec
  • Size: Customized

Autonics Temperature Controller

Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 


  • Special Offer for TCN & TK Series Temperature Controller: 28%
  • Discount for 20 No's
  • Digital: Display


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TCN

Pulse Rate Meters

Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 

We are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Pulse Rate Meters in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.which is used for measuring rpm/rps and speed of the rotating objects. In order to increase the productivity, it is also used in various automation processes for controlling the machines. Furthermore, our range is equipped with several operational modes, which offer highly precise and reliable measuring even in the ultra high speed rotating of the objects and is procured from Autonics.


  • LR5N-B: DIN W48×H24 mm, indication only, LCD pulse meter (RPM, RPS, Hz)
  • MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W/MP5M Series: Pulse (Rate) meter
  • Size: Customized

Switch Mode Power Supply

Switching Power Supply product is to heat or cool a heater, a electronic furnace etc. and also to control the power supplied to heater, electronic furnace, motor (in order to control the revolution of motor) etc.

Our range includes:
  • SP series
  • DIN rail mounting type switching power supply
  • SPA series
  • Switching power supply SPA series



  • Size: Customized
  • Output Power: 51 - 100W
  • Frequency: 47~63HZ


Sensor Controllers

Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 
We are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Sensor Controllers in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Which is efficient in receiving higher input from the sensor and then transforms it into various forms of logic representation and output it to relay. These types of controllers are designed using the high-quality raw material and procured from the reliable vendors of the industry and Autonics.

    • PA10 Series: Multi-functional sensor controller
    • PA12 Series: Sensor controller
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C - 85°C
    • Measurement deviation: ≤ ± 0.5% F.S ± 1

      Multi Panel Meter

      Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 
      We are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Multi Panel Meter in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Which are the cost-effective and high performance tools for the display and control of the analog variables such as voltage, current and frequency, and also speed and duration of the various industrial devices. You may choose any product to satisfy your needs from our wide range of product line-up such as :


      • MT4Y/MT4W series
      • Digital multi panel meters
      • MT4N series
      • DIN W48×H24mm super version, digital multi panel meter
      • M4NS/M4YS series
      • DIN W48×H24mm, W72×H36mm loop powered digital scaling meter
      • M4N series
      • DIN W48×H24mm small size digital panel meter
      • M4V series
      • W75×H25mm Size Digital graphic panel meter for mosaic panel
      • M4W-P
      • Led power factor meter
      • Volt meter
      • M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M series
      • Ampere meter
      • M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M series
      • Watt meter
      • M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M series
      • Tacho/Speed meter
      • M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M series
      • Digital scaling meter
      • M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M series

      Autonics Digital Timer

      We are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Digital Timer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India which is extensively used in automation process and is highly demanded in various industries. These timers are sourced from a reliable vendor, Autonics, which ensures to offers our range in accordance with industry standards. Furthermore, our range is extensively appreciated by our clients for reliable design, quick replacements, panel space-saving, and solutions. All these features can increased functionality, flexibility and performance of the timers.



      • Theory: Digital
      • Dimension: 123x51x51 cm
      • Color: White


      Graphic Touch Panels

      Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 
      Graphic Touch Panels is a typical for HMI (Human Machine Interface) and rapidly replacing lots of single-purpose control devices. These robust devices are packaged (hardware, software, and communications) and tested for HMI (Human Machine Interface) operation. Simply download your configured application file, set appropriate communication parameters, and connect the communication cable. Autonics graphic touch panel GP-2480 is the ideal solution for simplifying your complicated controlling systems. Wide range of multi-functions, compact sized design of touch screen and graphic panel combined in one body and even more reasonable price, it'll be your perfect choice.


      • Size: 138.0 x 97.0mm
      • Backlight: White or Y/G LED Backlight
      • Operating Temp: -20º C~70º C

      Digital Display Units

      Approx Price: Rs 30,000 / Unit 
      Depending on input data, Digital Display Units can display about 60 different kinds (digit, alphabet, symbol) of characters.

      Our range includes:
      • D1aa series - Medium led display unit
      • D1sa series - Medium led display unit
      • D1sc series - Large led display unit
      • D5y series - Enclosed led display unit
      • D5w series - Enclosed led display unit


      • Material: Metal
      • Size: Customized
      • Digital: Display


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